Domain Validation and Migration Success

Domain Validation plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of feature-level coded and range domains within a geodatabase. This GeoData Sentry Test Suite focuses on verifying the validity of values within columns that are domain controlled. By automatically generating the test suite from the domain rules defined in the geodatabase, organizations can effectively assess the accuracy of their data.

Domain errors detected during validation can have implications for migrating to the Utility Network. It is essential to ensure that all values within domain-controlled columns are valid to guarantee a smooth migration process. Specific values related to valve or switch status, active or abandoned flags, pressure or phasing, for example, can significantly impact the creation of subnetworks in the Utility Network.

While some domain errors may have little to no effect on migration, they could still impact symbology or definition queries in the ArcGIS Pro Project for the Utility Network. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate all domain errors, considering their potential impacts on both the Utility Network and the ArcGIS Pro Project.

By conducting comprehensive Domain Validation, organizations can ensure the accuracy of their data values, mitigate migration challenges, and maintain the functionality of their geodatabase in the Utility Network.

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