About Us


We believe data is the core element of any GIS solution, and that data management should be as seamless as possible. We’re a small company with a big footprint, serving clients in local government and electric, gas, and water utilities all across the United States.

Founded by veterans of Esri’s Professional Services Group and Miner and Miner, Laurel Hill GIS has been an Esri Authorized Developer Business Partner since 1997, specializing in software and services that help customers maintain high quality GIS data through all phases of their projects.

Matt McCain is the co-founder of Laurel Hill GIS Inc. Matt has a Cartography degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He started working for Esri in Redlands in 1990 where he was the technical manager for the Digital Chart of the World project. He continued working for Esri in the Professional Services group and was a key project manager for large enterprise solutions in the Utility sector. Matt left Esri in the late ’90s becoming a business partner specializing in Utility data management and quality. In 2000, Matt joined Laurel Hill GIS.

Matt is currently involved in projects focusing on data preparation and modeling for migration to the utility network.

Jody McCain is the co-founder of Laurel Hill GIS, Inc. Jody has a Philosophy degree from California State University, San Bernardino. She started working for Esri in Redlands in 1991, where she worked in the Professional Services group for four years. After moving to Colorado in 1995, she worked with Miner & Miner as a project analyst and eventually as project manager for several of their large Utility implementations. Jody left Miner & Miner in August of 1999 and founded Laurel Hill GIS in 2000.

Jody is currently working on product research and development.

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