Do you ever feel that your IT and GIS team spend too much time under the hood, and not enough time on the application, development, and analysis you need them to perform?

The GeoData Suite is designed specifically to enhance and simplify the Esri software experience by organizing your data, verifying its quality, and keeping it synced across the platform.

GeoData Modeler is a data model management tool that provides a single source for data model documentation, validation, and update. The entire enterprise, will realize benefits for:
• Data Model Comparison
• Data Model Documentation
• Requirement Gathering
• Data Model Change Management
• Environment Synchronization

GeoData Sentry is a geodatabase quality assessment tool. GeoData Sentry can be quickly configured to test and report key data issues that may impact current operations or migration of data. The benefits of proactively assessing the quality of the entire geodatabase are:
• Error Prioritization to eliminate the most critical errors
• Error Trend Analysis
• Continuous Process Improvement

Data sampling can provide an accurate data snapshot without spending excessive time and resources on a project. GeoData Random Sampler is a visual inspection tool that allows for a small subset of data to be selected and reviewed to determine overall data quality. These are just some of the benefits:
• Review a volume of data required to meet acceptance
• Issues are tracked and easily tabulated
• An overall Quality Score can be calculated for data acceptance requirements

Not sure where to start? We can help.

Data management is an important part of an optimized workflow.

Getting things right from the beginning will save time and headaches further down the road, and help your team reach their maximum potential.