Keeping Your Data Clean

In an era driven by data-driven decision-making, the accuracy and reliability of geospatial information have become non-negotiable. The introduction of the Utility Network has focused a spotlight on data quality. Creation of a Network Topology without dirty areas requires significant up front data assessment, error prioritization and cleanup.

GeoData Sentry is a geodatabase quality assessment tool. GeoData Sentry can be quickly configured to test and report key data issues that may impact current operations or migration of data. The benefits of proactively assessing the quality of the entire geodatabase are:

  • Error Prioritization to eliminate the most critical errors
  • Error Trend Analysis
  • Continuous Process Improvement

GeoData Sentry has an extensive Test Inventory including Attribute Tests, Spatial Relationship and Logical Connectivity Tests.  These tests detect errors ranging from the simple invalid values with Domain and Subtypes to Invalid or Duplicated Geometries to Critical Business Rule testing for Pressure Classes or Phase Mismatch.

With GeoData Sentry, Test Suites can be generated from the geodatabase to rapidly configure a test configuration that can be run for a quick data assessment, or as an input into a ongoing scheduled validation to support Continuous Process Improvement. Over time, Trend Analysis can be executed to identify repeated errors, new errors, and areas of vulnerability within application workflows and user training.

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