Why You Shouldn’t Skip On Annotation Validation

Annotation Validation is an important step in maintaining the integrity of feature linked annotation within a geodatabase. This validation process focuses on testing the accuracy and consistency of annotation expressions. Using GeoData Sentry, a separate test is created for each annotation expression, evaluating it against the actual annotation text strings and reporting any differences.

When conducting Annotation Validation, detecting differences between the database values and the annotation can provide valuable insights. Such differences may indicate that the annotation has been manually edited, rather than the database being updated automatically as intended. Additionally, it could signal an invalid relationship link between the OBJECTID of the feature and the FEATUREID of the annotation.

Annotation Validation becomes particularly important if the Utility Network migration plan involves replacing annotation with dynamic labeling. Any differences detected during validation will need to be carefully reviewed and evaluated for necessary corrections to either the annotation itself or the database values that drive the annotation expressions.

By conducting comprehensive Annotation Validation, organizations can ensure the accuracy and consistency of feature linked annotation. This process supports the successful implementation of dynamic labeling in the Utility Network, ensuring clear and reliable annotation information.

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