The Data Model Configuration Management Promotion Cycle

Managing the geodatabase involves essential tasks such as Data Model updates and their implementation. Each of these steps is important to ensuring a successful data model update, and although different organizations may have their own specific methods, the overall process follows a general pattern.

This diagram outlines the key steps involved in promoting a data model update to the production environment. The process begins with Requirements Gathering, where the next set of changes is identified. This includes discovering the necessary changes, analyzing them, and deciding when they are ready for development.

The Development phase comes next, where tasks are completed, and unit testing is conducted to determine the readiness of each item for testing.

Following that is the Test Promotion phase, which assesses whether the items are prepared for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Quality Assurance (QA).

The UAT/QA Promotion phase thoroughly tests the changes to ensure they are production ready. At this point, the development team and business create release notes to communicate the updates.

Finally, in the Production Deployment phase, the approved changes are deployed to the production environment. The team confirms the consistency of these changes with the UAT/QA database, performs smoke testing for a quick validation, releases the updates to production, and shares the release notes with the users.

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