Our Team

Matt McCain is the co-founder of Laurel Hill GIS Inc. Matt has a Cartography degree from University of Wisconsin, Madison. He started working for ESRI-Redlands in 1990. He was the technical manager for the Digital Chart of the World project. He continued working for ESRI in their Database Services group and was a key project manager for large enterprise solutions in the AM/FM market. Matt left ESRI in 1997 to start Dog Creek Design & Consulting, Inc. With Dog Creek, Matt worked on numerous projects involving quality assurance and data acceptance. In January of 2001, Matt joined Laurel Hill GIS, Inc.

Email me: matt@laurelhillgis.com

Jody McCain is the co-founder of Laurel Hill GIS, Inc. Jody has a Philosophy degree from California State University San Bernardino. She started working for ESRI-Redlands in 1991. She worked in the database services group for four years. After moving to Colorado in 1995, she worked with Miner & Miner as a project analyst, eventually working as project manager for several of their large AM/FM implementations. Jody left Miner & Miner in August of 1999 and founded Laurel Hill GIS in 2000.

Email me: jody@laurelhillgis.com

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