GeoData Modeler

Your view of the geodatabase will never be the same again.

GeoData Modeler is a powerful tool for reporting, comparing and management of the geodatabase schema. In minutes you can create a powerful report of geodatabase contents in a user friendly Excel format. Additionally, an HTML report format is available so that the geodatabase information can easily be shared within the enterprise. Geodatabase to geodatabase comparisons reveal even the slightest differences which could only be found by painstaking visual side by side comparisons. Finally, data model updates are fully automated, where all that is necessary is to update cells in an Excel worksheet, then apply them to one or more geodatabases. Each change can be tracked with change meta data for traceability back to the change requirements.

From our customers

Madison Gas and Electric

At MG&E we have integrated Laurel Hill’s GeoData Modeler product into our continual GIS schema update routines. Using GeoData Modeler we ensure that our schema updates are thoroughly tested, and deploy as expected to our various development, testing, and production environments. This product builds confidence in our deployments and has saved us countless hours of ad-hoc testing and manual comparisons between environments. Also the reports, such as the ArcFM Properties report, ensure that we are able to keep consistency across our ArcFM feature classes, provide our end users more insight into the GIS model, and provide the ability to quickly review important settings. I recommend GeoData Modeler to any GIS administration team with an enterprise esri geodatabase, and especially so to those with Schneider ArcFM.

Chris Link
Supervisor – Distribution Systems Technology
Madison Gas & Electric Company